CRUSH :: James Bay, Hold Back The River

Where do I begin on why I love this track so much? The construction of the song is just beautiful, opening with a simple guitar picked motif, crescendoing into the uplifting choruses and then stripping right back down to the first glorious middle 8 'Lonely water' section, where again Bay's voice is exposed alongside minimal... Continue Reading →


TRACK OF THE WEEK :: ONCE UPON A DREAM This week's track review is in praise of Lana Del Rey's soundtrack for the new dark Disney movie 'Maleficent', starring cheek boney beauty Angelina Jolie. Often a fairly dull and morose performer, Del Rey's original work doesn't appeal to me much, beyond the hype of 'Video Games' her sullen tones often seem too miserable... Continue Reading →

CLICK HERE to watch it Sticking with the indie pop theme this week with Vampire Weekend’s ‘Diane Young’ with the modificatiom of pitch on vocalist Ezra Koenig’s vocal, the chorus sounds quite experimental. The use of a hawaii five- o style guitar run also makes for an interesting addition to the track, which to me... Continue Reading →

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