Congrats! You're a clever enough sausage to have a place at University! Three-∞ years(if you're like me and never want to leave the safe-haven of education) of drinking, sex, and partying lay ahead of you! Supposedly... If you're a student who is anything like myself, the misconceptions that baby boomers, taxi drivers and Channel 4's Fresh... Continue Reading →



In a time dominated by mainstream and social media, we have become a society all-consumed by news, current events, memes and fail videos. Of recent weeks, as per usual, the topics that have dominated phone, tablet and laptop screens all over the country have been less than light hearted to say the least: Harambe, the... Continue Reading →

CLICK HERE to watch it Sticking with the indie pop theme this week with Vampire Weekend’s ‘Diane Young’ with the modificatiom of pitch on vocalist Ezra Koenig’s vocal, the chorus sounds quite experimental. The use of a hawaii five- o style guitar run also makes for an interesting addition to the track, which to me... Continue Reading →

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