chewbaccaIn a time dominated by mainstream and social media, we have become a society all-consumed by news, current events, memes and fail videos. Of recent weeks, as per usual, the topics that have dominated phone, tablet and laptop screens all over the country have been less than light hearted to say the least: Harambe, the tragic gorilla that made everyone an over night zoologist, the EU debate and all of Facebook’s sudden political experts, and possibly the worst of all, more Game Of Thrones spoilers than you can shake a Valyrian steel sword at. The point is, the internet can be a difficult place to navigate without getting a bit bummed out by something or other. And in times of great darkness there must always be a guiding light. Enter: Candace Payne, AKA ‘Chewbacca Mom’. 

If you have not yet experienced the delight of Chewbacca Mom , first of all  make sure you’re alive because really, where have you been for the past few weeks? Second, click here to catch up you troglodyte. This wonderful woman giggled her way into the public eye a few weeks ago and since then for Candace Payne a Texas mother, it has been a pretty sweet May. From the video’s breaking of Facebook video viewing records, to interviews on national American television, the latest attention surrounding ‘the happiest chewbacca’ is the news of the staggering approximate $420,000 worth of goodies and experiences she has been rewarded (including full scholarships for her entire family from a Florida university) for simply having a laughing fit on the internet.

I am however, not writing to criticise the credibility of her rewards, or to dwell on my jealousy of her free trip to Disney World. But instead I choose to congratulate and thank her. How often is it that something genuinely good happens in the mainstream eye at the moment without being tainted or proven false? Answer: hardly ever. This video, may well be fluff but what it stands for is something much larger that we can all learn from.  It’s the simple pleasures, the cheap thrills of a children’s mask and a giggle; the ability to find happiness in an often very bleak world and to share that with others. In a time of international crisis, cyber bullying and Tay Tay’s break up with Calvin Harris, Candace Payne can teach us all a thing or two, sometimes it’s all about the little things in life.



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