MOVIE REVIEW:: The Imitation Game


To begin, a confession, before the Oscars I had no interest in many of the films nominated (except the Grand Budapest because it’s awesome, but I’ll save that gushing for another time.) . However, this is my admittance, once something has gained the traction of attention from the academy, my own interest is drawn. Now it makes sense, seeing as the films, once nominated get a lot more media coverage during awards season, for people to gain interest, however in myself I feel a guilty validation in looking to a mysterious group of people (the academy) to tell me what is what. The same happened with Hollywood giant, Harvey Weinstein’s The Imitation game.

My love of Benedict Cumerbatch will forever be unwavering but The Imitation Game just didn’t appeal to me, maybe it was the fact that it was partially sold as a war story or the fact that in my eyes, the trailer did it no favours in making it seem like a thriller with it’s tense music and Bourne Identity looking font. However, on watching I was pleasantly surprised.

Mirroring his role in Sherlock, Cumberbatch plays Socially disconnected genius Alan Turing and once again creates a man who although appears to often detach and offend, at the same time is endearing, characterful and emotive to the audience. What isn’t made explicitly clear in the trailer, is Turing’s homosexuality, which I felt is what drove the film’s affection, humanising Turing with the side strand flashbacks of the childhood love of his best friend Christopher. And although the narrative mainly follows the goal of cracking the Nazi enigma  code, I found it to more be a story of enduring against adversity, as the films most poignant line states ‘sometimes it it the people who no one imagines anything of that do the things that no one can imagine’ I feel that really encapsulates what this story is about, not only the triumphant cracking of enigma, but also the personal triumph of persevering through a life of being doubted and trodden on.

This film is not only emotive with a harrowing ending but also has lighter and comedic moments. It is wonderfully endearing, inspiring and beautiful.

Finally if for nothing else, watch this film for the encounters Between Cumberbatch and Game Of Thrones’ Charles Dance, not only for the nerds is it Sherlock and Tywin Lannister bickering but it is probably the most majestic two British voices in the spotlight at the moment


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