Concert Review :: The Vaccines

The Vaccines one of the most hyped bands of the moment and who could argue against that when in only one year they have sky rocketed from a small, west London four piece to being the support act for the Arctic Monkeys on their latest tour? On top of that, their album What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? has provoked press predictions of a band that could potentially ‘bring back’ guitar music. The concert was the second of two sold out gigs at Brixton’s O2 Academy and a hum of excitement was exuded as a battalion of fans flooded in from the rain ready to see a band that has taken the scene by storm this year.

There were two support acts, the first an indie pop duo Summer Camp.  Debbie Harry-esque vocals from Elizabeth Sankey, beautifully filled the Academy, decorated by swells of synth piano and guitar effects by multi instrumentalist, Jeremy Warmsley. The second were California formed band Surfer Blood who’s laid back surf rock sounds were the perfect appetizer for the headline.
The Vaccines opened their set with full audacity, a glowing stage and Do You Remember Rock And Roll Radio? by the Ramones welcomed Justin Young and the rest of the band with punk rock flare. They opened with an anthemic Lack of Understanding, all songs followed suit with the crowd almost equalling the volume of Young’s vocals on every track of the album proving just how much the public have taken to them. Songs that were particularly climatic came in the form of Wetsuit, debut track If You Wanna and Nørgaad, all of which provide simplistic, driving guitar and drum rhythms which seems to be what people want and need right now, music to have a good time to.
This is what makes The Vaccines so great; there is no need for fancy synth looping or intricate, cryptic lyrics. Their matter of fact, quick fire rock and roll is something the public can relate to and something that needs to be brought back, true post-punk-revival spirit. So what DO I expect from the Vaccines? A bright future at minimum.

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