Concert Review :: Mariachi El Bronx

After a recommendation from my hairdresser I thought I’d go see California-based band, The Bronx at the Cambridge Junction . I had been told they had a mariachi alter- ego and so I was ready for a fun, slightly out of the ordinary evening.

On arrival at the Junction, I soon realised that they’re not just a novelty mariachi act; it was surreal to see that the audience were all fairly heavy punk fans (even if some were a bit “mature”).
When Mariachi El Bronx swaggered on stage in complete charo, Mexican outfits and  without a hint of irony; I realised that they take their somewhat imaginative, side project quite seriously. The hardcore fans, sometimes said to be a cult following, have responded well to the bands Latino rhythms and have shown, the true spirits of die-hard music fans and learned to love the Hispanic sounds. The running order pretty much twinned that of their self titled album starting first with ‘Slave Labour’ and ending with ‘My Love’ but all songs reeked of the passion and feeling they put into their music. The band played with straight up professionalism and didn’t show a trace of their hardcore punk origins.
The next band were the support, Ghost Of A Thousand. On first appearance these were an audacious band with a true punk spirit, so when singer, Tom Lacey jumped back on the stage after moshing with the crowd, it was a surprise to hear he had the speaking-voice of an I.T. guy. Although Lacey’s voice was juxtapositional it didn’t compromise the music that Ghost Of A Thousand play with that of a striking reminiscence to “Gallows”.
After G,O,A,T,  came the headline of the night as it were, The Bronx, this time lacking the trumpets. The band who were seen before as very serious had now taken off the mask and unveiled their gritty, punk , reality. Although they had been stripped  of their charo outfits they still played with the same edge of excitement and feel to their music and just like Ghost O f A Thousand’s singer, front man, Matt  Caughtrain ended up in the audience and dancing with the admiring fans. With so much going for them and the ability to laugh at themselves, the Bronx are a truly inspirational band and if ever you get the chance, go see them as it’s a night you will remember.

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