Album Review :: Panic At The Disco

New album Vices and Virtues. They maybe half the size due to the recent departure of guitarist Ryan Ross and bassist John Walker but they still have the same eccentric, baroque pop flare.

Vices And Virtues offers a lot more of a pop/rocky feel to it using heavier guitar lines and  some understated synth work. The Albums first sneak peek was in the form of a youtube video entitled ‘Overture’.  this features (vocalist) Brendon Urie, (drummer) Spencer Smith and a group of circus like people packing to leave a town. During the video Brendon says goodbye to two ghosts in a bar, and ends up alone with Spencer after the crowd of circus people leave they then self admittedly “let go” of material things  ( whether these things are allusion to the ‘old’ Panic! we will never know for sure but it definitely seems it)
The albums main tone to me is one of not only nostalgia with songs like “memories”  and “the calendar” but also apprehension – “Ready To Go”, shown mostly through the fast tempo of the album of the album. An exception to this is the stripped down, almost serenade-like “Always”, but still it has a sentimental feel.
All in all Vices and Virtues shows us how although ‘artistic differences’ (whatever that means’)   can be upsetting for both band and fans. Artists can still make an emphatic, lively and reflective record.

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