The Porn Paradox

So I found an article that I wrote about a year or so ago in reaction to the UK government's restriction on the porn industry and I think it's still as ever an interesting topic. Initially, I wrote this article with a stance firmly against porn, stating it was warping perceptions and heightening expectations of... Continue Reading →



Congrats! You're a clever enough sausage to have a place at University! Three-∞ years(if you're like me and never want to leave the safe-haven of education) of drinking, sex, and partying lay ahead of you! Supposedly... If you're a student who is anything like myself, the misconceptions that baby boomers, taxi drivers and Channel 4's Fresh... Continue Reading →

In Adoration of:: Gilmore Girls

  The best fast-talking, mother /daughter duo make their reappearance this November as the revival of the early 2000's favourite hits Netflix for a four part series entitled Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life. And here's 4 reasons why you should be excited too 1.Pop culture  From The Bangles making an appearance in season... Continue Reading →


In a time dominated by mainstream and social media, we have become a society all-consumed by news, current events, memes and fail videos. Of recent weeks, as per usual, the topics that have dominated phone, tablet and laptop screens all over the country have been less than light hearted to say the least: Harambe, the... Continue Reading →

MOVIE REVIEW:: The Imitation Game

To begin, a confession, before the Oscars I had no interest in many of the films nominated (except the Grand Budapest because it's awesome, but I'll save that gushing for another time.) . However, this is my admittance, once something has gained the traction of attention from the academy, my own interest is drawn. Now it makes sense,... Continue Reading →

CRUSH :: James Bay, Hold Back The River

Where do I begin on why I love this track so much? The construction of the song is just beautiful, opening with a simple guitar picked motif, crescendoing into the uplifting choruses and then stripping right back down to the first glorious middle 8 'Lonely water' section, where again Bay's voice is exposed alongside minimal... Continue Reading →

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